Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dutch Treat

It seems the fellers tried blasting off for Mars any number of times over their years with Kelly. Because that's the gimmick of this whole Pandemonia thing, here are some pages from the fifties that saw print in a Dutch fan publication, StripSchrift. Great thanks to Norman Boyd for sending over this Dutch treat.

You don't need to know Dutch very well to be able to follow along, in fact 'Gobby Wombies' translates pretty well.


  1. a nice surprize here--I noticed the link on pogo sunday & dailies site--very nice in all languages--charlie

  2. Thanx charlie. I figured you diehards would find your way here. Isn't it fun that Dutch doesn't really get in the way?

  3. Tom,

    Dutch is pretty similar to English in a lot of ways -- but seeing POGO in ANY language apart from English is really a treat.


  4. I used Google translate to translate the 1st page. It doesn't help so much. Here's what I got.

    Hey, the man's march knypt away from them! In the middle of a conference on nutrition HAVE!

    What do we do now?

    Volleg him! I do the last tyd little else!

    Mmm-mjam! Heerlyk to just HAVE to this crunchy boug ... but well what creepy hher middle of this swamp ... I hear something!


    "Follow" = "Volgen" too. So "Volleg" is probably "follow", conjugated.