Monday, May 25, 2009

This Just In

Checkin' the book...

One more thing before we start. Boy do I feel stupid. A couple of posts back when I was referring to Prehysterical Pogo in Pandemonia, I said that it didn't have any special art in it. Sheesh.

All these many many years and I never thought to check the art from the newspaper against the art in the book, which I just now did. There are not only 'new' segues, but some of the Sunday art has been redrawn into a daily format, with some different details! I haven't yet checked the whole book to see how much of this is done, but I've seen enough to know that somehow I want to include this extra material when the time comes. It's going to be confusing to sort out, so bear with me because I think (completist that I am) that it will be worth it.

Wow, after all these years to just now know that. All you Pogophiles prolly already knew this, but I just now know that. What a whirl.

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