Thursday, October 1, 2009

See There?

You've all been extraordinarily polite in letting these dailies play out without complaint, as they have been a bit repetitive and dare I say, dull.  But, um. . . we're done with the dailies as of—here—folks. This is where I cut when I passed on the rest of my daily collection. Who knew back in the 80s that I'd ever want to post em on a thing called an internet. But at least I saved the really good stuff--wow--I did something right.

I've got three more Sundays to post, and then Pogo in Pandemonia will draw to a close with some final thoughts.

The thing is, I never got rid of my Sunday collection, so they go on for quite a long stretch. But they never refer to Pandemonia in any way. Even Basher will just up and disappear, never to be seen again.

So, I really think the Pandemonia blog will stand alone, here, for new fans to discover and explore, at least until the reprint books catch up. After three more Sunday posts I will discuss my plans for the NEW Walt Kelly blog and hopefully get some more feedback from you all, now that you've had a little more time to consider, um, how we'd like to see this go on.

See you in three.


  1. Great work, great blog! thanks!

  2. If your not continuing this wonderful blog please consider donating your scan to the online archive I created. I love old newspaper comics and think everyone should have access to them at any time. Drop me a line and lets chat (ilovecomix at lilreader dot com) Oh if the scan is on your blog I have it filed alread on the ilovecomix archive. -Steve Cottle / Mr. ilovecomix

  3. Steve, as I've been indicating, I'll be continuing Sundays and more on a new blog that will activate in early November, letting the Pandemonia blog stand on its own, with extras, annotations, comments et al. I'll be in touch in a couple of weeks after I get back from a business trip.