Friday, July 17, 2009

Hoo Boy! An' Me with No Rubbers!

Here we are, a great Sunday, just chock-a-block with cuteness. Kelly was playing up 'Boston Charlie' an awful lot that year.


  1. OH BOY!! this has got to be the best - and cute tooooooo charlie

  2. I swear Kelly handed off the coloring of the POGO Sundays to someone who didn't even bother READING them! I really believe that.

    In the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark, Noah sends out a Raven, and then a Dove (which returns with an olive branch in its beak).

    In the last panel HERE, the Raven suggests HE go look for the olive branch, and the Dove takes issue with that...and the Dove is colored...not WHITE...but BRIGHT RED with an ORANGE HEAD AND BEAK!

    Why would the writer/artist screw up his own joke with such ridiculous coloring? But, then---If I can catch these things so easily, did Kelly not even review them?

  3. I notice that the last two Sundays don't have a tree at the left of the first panel, behind the Pogo logo... I don't recall ever seeing this before! Are these the first instance?

    Glen Story

  4. Those panels certainly seem odd without trees, don't they? I see no other such instances at least back to 1963, when I first started collecting Kelly. But we will see it again that way at least a couple more times in the Pandemonian arc. And then, from what I can tell, it won't ever happen again.