Saturday, July 25, 2009

Middle of the Outback

This is actually one strip split into two posts. The reason being is that this half was printed in the paper and the book, and the 2nd half, in the next post, was printed in the paper only. They had to edit somewhere, y'know.


  1. The background here, with the two quadrapeds having been given some of the tea, like the strip of a few days earlier, with Albert carrying the unicorn, exemplify the basic good-heartedness of Pogo. It could indulge in slapstick, satire, and sorrow, but the overwhelming majority of its creatures were engaged in a constant stream of kindness.

  2. Good point. Even way back in the 50s these characters could show great loyalty and fellowship with each other, although, like us human beans, most of their negative traits seemed to stem from ego. But the strip's atmosphere was always one of warmth and cordiality.

    Owl is the most hard-hearted character of the bunch. Kelly once said that he was surprised that people liked Howland as much as they do, because he always thought Owl was an old SOB.