Tuesday, July 28, 2009

King Kanute is a Marvel

This Sunday strip demonstrates effectively the difference that coloration makes. 

First, the obvious, comparing it to the art, sans color, posted below. The black and white ink work is magnificent, but color breathes in  life and atmosphere.

Secondly, notice how the panel backgrounds have a variety of color, as opposed to many of the Sundays having the same bland yellow backgrounds. This strip has a feeling of richness and texture (and of course it helps that the whale is so beautifully rendered) and personally I love the SPLORSH panel.

I don't know what those little black dots are all over the color strip. They're part of the printing, but I don't see them as being registration marks, yet they are deliberate by some print directive.

Oh, and Jim, the dove appears to be a proper white. This strip seems more like Kelly had a hand in coloring, hmm?

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