Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blimey! The Blinkin' Bag is Bugged!

I'm hoping to hear from more of you folks, but in the meantime, many thanks to those of you who have weighed in on comments.

So, here's the plan right now. First of all, I want to keep posting, so y'all don't get bored and go away. So consider this a POST-Pandemonian episode of this site (pun only slightly intended). 

We will continue without losing a day. We have Basher hanging around for a number of Sundays, the dailies deal with suspicion and paranoia regarding Pogo's return from 'Mars'. AND we will see ol' Doc Noah again, a little ways further in the dailies.

So we will stay with this site for a couple more months of continuity. THEN, I will create a new blog, dedicated to Kelly, so's we can broaden our appreciation of his talents. There will be many Sundays, but also a run of dailies that may not have made it to the books (I think). But also some non Pogo stuff from books that true Kelly fans will appreciate. Some of you have all the books, but many don't, so I'll try not to get stuck in a rut either way.

A call for help from anybody with dailies that hover a couple of weeks beyond June 28, 1967. That's where my post-Pandemonian dailies end, but I'm hoping for a better place to say 'the end' to the daily story line. Please let me know as soon as possible if those are available from someone. You may groan, but I actually got rid of many many dailies a few years ago, before the age of blogging. How was I to know that I would find a reason for dusting them off? At least I had the good sense to keep the Pandemonia stuff, ey?

There's still time to weigh in with your thoughts, so please do. 


  1. I'm absolutely delighted to hear that you plan to continue your generosity in bringing POGO to us in a new Blog!! It has been wonderfully nostalgic to be reacquainted with these strips from my High School years --- and probably the very reason I am a cartoonist today!

    Thanks so much for the time and effort you've spent in ordering the PANDEMONIA tale so well . . . and I'll be at the front of the line when you open your new Blog!!

  2. Terrific! I'm feeling re-motivated! Kelly forever!