Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hooligan's Harp!


  1. A face on the header tree!!

    Is that a first??

  2. A face and a whole body, as well...

  3. Sometimes I wonder if Kelly colored his own stuff or delegated it...

    It's common in comic books for a colorist to misinterpret what the artist intended/depicted, when they are two different people...

    Part of the joke here is that Hy Eener's "card" is a big engraved slab of rock (like a Flintstones newspaper or menu), yet in the 4th panel, the side (which Kelly inked with horizontal hatching/lines) of the slab is not colored, creating the impression it's a BOOK (and making it look a lot like the actual book in the last panel.

    If you were a 2nd party coloring it (and if you didn't read it), I could see where you'd interpret it, in B&W, AS a book.