Thursday, July 2, 2009


This unicorn is lovingly drawn, probably the consistently finest depiction of the creature that I've ever seen.


  1. Doc Noah is one of my favorite character designs of all-time, by anybody..I love all the poses in the PREHYSTERIA PRIMER...I seem to recall (though i may be wrong) that he had a forerunner in one (more?) of the comic BOOKS---a swamp character called "The HOODOO MAN"...anyone care to dig that out?

    Also--another of my apropos of nothing style observations---for a guy who worked at Disney, he has a very "small" approach to hands...

  2. Jim, yes, The Hoodoo man was a sort of similar character in several of the comic books, but he was in the text pages, with spot illustrations of him. In a quick look I don't seem him associating with the main cast of characters, but there is one instance of Miz Rackety Coon and Miz Hoppy Toad being in his story. So it shows he was in the Okefenokee at some point.

    I will scan some of those pages and post them tomorrow.

    And regarding small hands, since you know the book, you'll know that the very next post has a character with quite LARGE hands.