Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bo Constricture, the Popular Serpent

I have no idea who or what this serpent represents. The dialogue seems most odd and obtuse. "One of the Bravest Gladiators", with emphasis on 'bravest'. Seems like there's a deeper vein of material, but once again, I dunno.


  1. Bo is surely Mai Van Bo, Hanoi's chief diplomat.

  2. Thom, this is why I love your blog... not only do I get to see some great artwork, but now and again I get a free history lesson thrown in!!

  3. Ceauşescu = Conducător ?
    (sorry it's in french)
    Comme la plupart des dictateurs, Ceauşescu institue en sa faveur un culte de la personnalité omniprésent, se faisant désigner sous les titres de Conducător (qui correspond en français à "guide", en allemand à "führer", en italien à "duce"...) et même de "geniul din Carpaţi" (littéralement : le génie des Carpates), ou encore en se faisant fabriquer un sceptre comme un roi. L'historiographie roumaine de l'époque communiste le comparait d'ailleurs régulièrement avec les grands héros nationaux du passé.

  4. A Google translation of Michel Francois, above:

    Ceauşescu = Conducător ?

    Like most dictators, Ceauşescu instituted in its favor a cult of personality pervasive, being designated under the titles Conducător (which corresponds to french "guide", in German "Führer", Italian for "duce". ..) and even "geniul din Carpati" (literally: the genius of the Carpathians), or by doing make a scepter like a king. The Romanian historiography of the communist era was frequently compared with the great heroes of the past.

  5. Thanks Rick. The history lesson is interactive and not guaranteed to be accurate, but certainly is inspirational to do some historical research.

    And thank you Daniel for your insight on this stuff.