Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'd Serve in Vietnam


  1. back to the yellow backgrounds! Can you explain Pogo referring to Albert as "Bobo"?

  2. A bobo is a bourgeois bohemian. They talk like hippies but walk like yuppies. Pogo's use of the term seems a bit antagonistic, unusual for the possum, and Kelly's use of the term seems a bit esoteric, not at all unusual for the cartoonist.

    To be perfectly honest here, the fun, for me, in reading Kelly was in the art and the wordy shenanigans, not for the clarity of his jokes.

  3. Also, yes, damn those yellow backgrounds, but at least there's a little color here and there. But the setup here with Albert and Pogo is just the sort of patter they would do back in the swamp, with only 3 backgrounds letting us know they're still in Pandemonia. Even the trees are not exotic, but normal. We're definitely preparing to leave Pandemonia.