Monday, August 10, 2009

Call That a Contest?

OK, as of this point there's some confusion as to what was in the book, what was in the daily paper, what was extra art, etc. I'm missing a couple of dailies at the same time that the book does some jumping around. I will do my best to keep things in order, but my dates on the file names are guesswork on some of these. 

This post shows a panel from the book that evidently dropped a panel from the daily, but it's a daily I don't have. The next post will show a daily that, for the book, was split in half to show just one panel but I can show both panels because I have the daily. Then I think the book shows extra art for a while after that and then some art that I think reinterprets a Sunday strip and then shows panels that actually were from the earlier daily continuity. And. . . well, do you see where I might be confused?

So on we go, with a few bumps, heading for a landing of sorts.


  1. today I abused the patience of my long-suffering wife by going thru the available microfilmed newspaper archives. I have (crummy!) copies of the published strips in the originally intended sequence (including those you are missing). Are you interested (and if so: which way could I furnish them to you?) On the other hand, I would not be surprised if you think all that "water under the bridge" and spend your time and efforts for the more up-to-date Kellyana you are posting.
    Thank you sincerely for that!

  2. Hun, anything you can or want to share that might otherwise go missing, would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to send an email and we'll figure out the best method for what you might have. Be sure to include 'Pogo' or 'Walt Kelly' or such in the subject box so that it doesn't head for junk mail. I think I've lost several dispatches because of that.

    Thanks Hun!