Friday, August 28, 2009

Nothin' Like It

Sadly, this is the final panel of the Pandemonian story. It's a beautiful celebration, as Kelly was wont to do throughout his cartooning career.

Of course it wasn't the end of the Pogo strip. It would go on with new strips for another 4 or 5 years, with much fun and frivolity. But Pandemonia was certainly the high water mark.

The next few posts will be some highlighting of some special panels and showing some of the extra and original art from the arc and such. And then I will actually continue, without breaking the continuity, the next couple of months of strips, a kind of aftermath of Pandemonia.

Keep 'tooning' in. Still a bunch of cool stuff to come.


  1. thank you for keeping this going. Thas been the blog I look forward to most everyday.

  2. O joy. I grew up in a strip-deprived part of the world (New Zealand), without Sunday papers. There was only Bringing up Father, and a weekly full page of Paul Norris's Brick Bradford. It was tantalising to be able to read the Mad parodies of strips, but never see the originals.

    My greatest find was I Go Pogo, a whole book, what a treasure in a comic-starved world. When I moved to Australia in the early 70s, where Pogo ran as a daily strip, I caught the last glorious years. The Watergate-era Nixon, as a spider-kettle living in a hole, is unforgettable.

    Thanks so much for providing such a feast for the heart 'n eyeballs.

  3. I'll second that: Maybe not /quite/ true at first, but gradually this site has grown on me to becoming my favorite one that I visit daily.

  4. I loved it Thom. Thank you for this.