Friday, July 3, 2009

Another Interlude

Jim Engel had a comment yesterday about ol' Doc Noah, being a favorite character and wanting to confirm the possibility that Doc had a forerunner character, from Kelly's comic book days, called the Hoodoo Man. 

From Pogo #9


  1. That's the guy! Thanks for posting these, Thom. I can remember as a kid drawing characters heavily inspired by Doc Noah...I was always a sucker for a character in a top hat, and I loved the big nose with no visible eyes...

  2. This is fascinating... I now have so many questions about the Pogo comic books. I knew about them, but assumed Kelly was not involved. Are they simply reprints of the newspaper strips or was it all new material at the time? When was it produced and how long did it last? I need to start doing some research! Thanks for the great posts... it's revived my interest in all things Pogo!

  3. Kelly was involved with every one of Pogo Possum, as the comic book was titled, cover to cover. Not any were reprints of newspaper strips, though some had reprints of earlier comic book Pogo stuff from Animal Comics. The earlier comic books (especially two Albert and Pogo Comics of the Four Color series) were drawn prior to the newspaper strips, some concurrently with the strip, up to 1954 or so. It was a nice set of comics to complement all the other terrific comic book stuff Kelly had done (and there was a lot of it), so you've got a lot of great research to look forward to! If you've got questions, fire away!