Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Name's Ugly, Eh?

"The S. S. Al Capp Victory", was an obvious poke against fellow cartoonist Capp. I'm sure there's a whole back story to this jab. But on the surface at least we know there was a feud of sorts between Kelly and Capp, as related by Milton Caniff in Phi Beta Pogo

. . ."The (anecdote) I remember involved Walt and Al Capp. . .two boys from Bridgeport, Connecticut, nose to nose," onstage at a meeting of the Newspaper Comics Council in the sixties. "Walt would say to Al, 'Of course, Al, this is really how you should draw Daisy Mae, I'm only showing you this for your own good.' Then Walt would do a sketch. Capp, of course, got ticked off by this, as you can imagine! So he retaliated by doing his version of Pogo. Unfortunately, the drawings are long gone; no recording was made. What a shame! Nobody anticipated there'd be this dueling back and forth between the two of them...."   

I'm curious as to the relevancy of the term 'Victory'. We know that Capp had spoofed Joan Baez in 1966, implicitly referring to her as a 'limousine liberal', which seemed to hurt her to the quick. She apparently threatened to sue, and just as apparently didn't. Does that have anything to do with this upside down ark and victory? There's a story here, but I'm not aware of it. Anybody? 

And an extra panel again, courtesy of Ger Apeldoorn, with the terrific unicorn:

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