Sunday, June 28, 2009

A 1,000 and One Surprises

In the midst of  the splendor of Pandemonia, Kelly kept slipping back to Miggle's store. I'm trying to figure out just why he would do that. It certainly wasn't to take it easy on the art or writing chores. In my mind, this was just 4 fewer panels to explore Pandemonia.

One hypothesis might be that Kelly did these Okefenokee-bound strips much earlier and could slip them in to allow a little more deadline breathing room to produce the more complex Pandemonian strips. 

Or maybe  it just didn't make any difference to him. He could produce fun in any locale. Maybe he underestimated how much Pandemonia would mean to fans, then, and 40 years later.

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  1. I suggest that Kelly was maintaining a narrative life-line, to make it easier to pull these characters back to their community, and to reässure the readers that the community was not going to be swept away.