Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Looks like Churchy's starting to like it here. I don't blame him, love that snail. . . and, well, all the critters.


  1. I love that snail, too--- one of the best parts of this series, visually, is the great care Kelly takes with the fur, spots, & textures...also--look at the greaat "horse" poses on that snail---

    One of the things I find most impressive about Kelly is that he doesn't rely on "stock poses"--his characters "act" completely---if Pogo crosses water on a log, he's depicted in 3-4 poses where he's in various stages--sure-footed, losing balance, regaining balance, etc.

    Other (most) cartoonists/strips (BEETLE BAILEY, NANCY, etc...) have stock poses to the point that they could almost be done with a bunch of rubber stamps (front view walk, side view walk, run, talking head), but POGO is more like frozen frames from an animated film...

    "Anonymous Jim" Engel

  2. Yet another great thing about this series is the sheer number of new characters in such a concentrated space---

    The core POGO cast is large and terrific, but one of the treats in anyone's work is to get to see MORE of what they can do. Comic strips in particular tend to be repetitious (and housebound") "over decades, and as great as Kelly was, even POGO suffers from that, but HERE, if you like (LOVE) Kelly's work, you get to see so MANY new species (even in the wild self-satirizing TREES)...the only drawback is the number of "throwaway" characters you want to see MORE of...

  3. Yes, yes, that's what motivates most of us Kelly fanatics--wanting to see more. More of the characters, more of the scenery more of his little jokes, and actually more of his very brush lines. Every drawing at this time is lush with ink, with care, as you say -- delineating the textures.

    All of us fanatics collected all of Kelly's books that we could, and when there weren't any more, we still wanted more. I used to literally dream that I discovered an undiscovered Kelly book in some obscure place, elated to find it. When I started to open it, I woke up and felt terribly deflated that I didn't get to see inside it. I've heard that other people have had that very dream. I'm going to post more about that sometime.