Friday, June 19, 2009

Looks Like a Fire Stone

With the introduction of Doc Noah to the Sunday strip we're going to interrupt the continuity in the next post, to present a Prehysterical Primer. Don't worry, continuity will pick up after that interlude without skipping a strip.


  1. Beautiful poses, line work, everything---except that COLOR.
    That beautiful "spotted zebra" just gets a big pink smear over it.

  2. Back in the 'good ol' daze', color was treated as an art AND a science. I have a book from the early 20th century designed to teach that concept. Starting in the 50s, it became an expediency--just get it done, get it out the door and onto the trucks, it's only the comix.

    Here comes that dream project again--sigh--but can you imagine a full tabloid sized coffee table book with the full Pandemonia arc printed NOT with slick overdone colors, but with just perfectly done sensitive newspaper style coloring, Ben Day dots and all, printed on a sensitive clay-coat paper stock?

    There's a lot of people who would pay a lot of money for such a book. Hell, like I said elsewhere, I paid $200 for a brand new Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge compendium back when I had NO money. Granted, publishers don't want to take a risk, but in an era of thousands of reprint books, and printing the entire Far Sides, Calvin & Hobbes etc etc, we're missing the boat on this one.

    I SWEAR to you, if I win the lottery, THIS is what I'd invest in.

    Yeah yeah go back to yo' blogging Ben Day Boy.