Saturday, June 13, 2009

How Human Do You Think We Are?

Finally, some background colors that weren't all yellow! These colors certainly help set the mood. 

Fall-over, drop-dead, gorgeous artwork!

1966 was the Summer of Pandemonia for me, searching and collecting, not just these on a daily basis, but all things Kelly. Looking at these strips now I remember the weather, the music, the other fabulous art stuff I was collecting (Frazetta comes first to mind, as his stuff also evokes the feeling of that time, tracking down the books with his art), etc etc. As I've written elsewhere 1966 was the deep end of my personal golden age (he writes with a sigh). 

Below is a promo panel that ran in a paper that wasn't my hometown. At that time I was trying to find papers from around the country that had better color and registration than my paper was experiencing. This promo sure stood out.

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