Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phoomph Phoomph phoomph


  1. Forgive my stupidity in this, but I have to ask..

    Is the NEWSLIFE reporter based on anyone specific? There are too many details in the face for me not to think this was based on someone in real life.

    Thanks again for doing this. I am having so much fun reading this!

    Ted, Glendale CA

  2. Y'know Ted, that's a really good question. I always thought he kind of looked like Barry Goldwater because of the horned rim glasses, but I know it makes no sense to have him as a journalist.

    Well, I went searching the old Pogo books to find his first introduction, and it was 1956 when this news guy interviewed Pogo about his (non) candidacy. Typo (as we find later to be his name) was at first an ordinary cat with horned rims and ivy League/Madison Avenue clothes. Through the years he became more detailed, until here, you're right, he looks like a caricature. But it may be that he started out just as a 'hep cat', talking with Time Magazinese patois. No slouch, he.

    One of his memorable lines (and perhaps he was quoting someone else) was referring to the news photo as the one-eyed man in the Kingdom of the Word.