Monday, June 22, 2009

Hardly a Soul in Town

This is one of my favorite Sunday strips of all time with a unicorn, flying horse, dinosaurs of all sorts, a mammoth & baby, swine, a hippo, a monkey & cavemen, a hyena, bear, chicken, and an embibing bird. And of course our boys and ol' Doc Noah. The colors are nice and the tone is sweet. Who knew you needed an anchor for a unicorn?

I've made the size on this one a little larger so you can get in there to see the wonderful details.

I'm convinced that this strip, at this time, is the finest achievement in the history of comix, right up there with the best of Nemo, Valiant and Krazy. What say you?


  1. YES. this is fun, and it only gets better. charlie

  2. very nice... many of the Sunday pages in this series would make great prints.

  3. I agree completely---this is my very favorite. Of all the little extras & "eyekicks"throughout these strips, these are the best of the best...then there's the gorgeous unicorn, the hyena, the mastodon shower, that GREAT koala-esque bear, the traffic jam, the onderful details on the roof & awning...even the "star tree" (my favorite of the Pandemonia trees). This page stands alongside or ahead of any Sunday strip ever done.

  4. I agree, its great. Can you imagine having a re-coloured poster size print of this? I'd pay up to 100 euros for that.

    Btw just found your blog after a link at tcj forums (been going through it over the last couple of days). THANKS so much for all these scans. I got on the Pogo wagon after picking up the Fantagraphics books that came out eons ago and which just stopped. Since then I've picked up some of the old books on ebay but I never came across any of the stuff here.