Thursday, June 11, 2009

One of Them Invaders


  1. Thom---a request...I'm probably not the only one snagging your (wonderfully) huge scans & saving 'em to a desktop folder to burn to a disk in time.

    I wonder if you'd consider putting the strips' dates after your individual "header/names"?

    More than once i've found I missed a strip here or there, and "back-peddling" is difficult because you have to click/enlarge a strip to check its date...

    If that all isn't too confusing, it'd be useful... Jim

  2. Hi Jim.

    Well, I thought long and hard about this sort of thing before starting this whole project. The problem is that not all the art has a date (the extra stuff from the book) and when I post each new strip I name it then, but don't always have the date in front of me. What I HAVE done to make a compendium easier is to date each file name, consistently and accurately (including a date of sorts for the extra art) so that when all these files are dumped in a folder they will automatically sort themselves into chronologic order.

    Since I didn't start the last 7 months of material with dates in the header, I hesitate to start now. But I did decide to use the header title to quote from somewhere in that particular strip so it can help keep track in a sideways sort of way.

    You don't have to enlarge the strip to see the date, just drag it to your desktop and look at the file name and toss it if you don't need it.

    And hey, the easiest way to not back pedal is to not miss any. (Sorry I don't mean to sound snarky. I'm just feeling lucky to keep my scanning ahead a day or two of posting.)

    Thanks for asking. Let me give this some more thought.

  3. I agree, don't change the way you name the files now! Just FYI... I could not download the large version of this strip.

  4. Thanks for your input Rick.

    Hmm, I just tested the strip and it seems downloadable and large. Are you having trouble with just this one strip or more? Anyone else not able to download?

  5. Seems to be OK now. I tried several times previously but just got a blank window with a question mark. Sorry for the alarm!